Oct 2019: Hello Korea, and lots of updates!

Hi all, thanks you for reading this little update. As you can see, this site needs a bit of an update, so we are working on new music, new pictures and a website update. I’ll try to have all the updates available before January 2020, so please stay tuned for updates and news! My upcoming… Continue Reading

Dec. 2018: Thank you for another amazing year

Dear all, For the first time in many years I can’t recall a single moment, concert or day that represents all the goodness of 2018 for me. It was a year of progress, many new musical friends, challenges and happiness, and there’s nothing else I could wish for. Or maybe one little wish: A new… Continue Reading

Oct 2018: Returning to my birthplace

Dear reader, The past updates were mainly based on insane crowds, stadium tours, foreign countries, champagne and mega stars. And to be honest with you: Nothing really changed the past months, ( just returned from the great Caribbean Sea Jazz Festival on Aruba with Di-rect), but this time I won’t waste your time with stories… Continue Reading

Home! June 2018

Dear reader! Welcome to this fresh update. For those of you who might be interested in following my daily musical adventures, please find me on instagram as @jvanduikeren . I’ll try to post daily footage there, but please be informed: I don’t like to post pictures of mouthpieces only, I have many more things that… Continue Reading

Feb 2018: Arena tour with Peter Maffay!

Dear visitor, Welcome to the March 2018 update about my life on the road. 2018 will be a bit different than many other years: From January until June I will mainly be playing Arenas with different acts, which is a weird thing to say for someone with a jazz background. After a successful edition of… Continue Reading

Bye bye 2017!

Dear visitor, Welcome to my site! I hope you will enjoy this little update about my musical life. December is the month of looking back, and while looking back, 2017 seems to have been my most productive year ever! Not in terms of solo work, but the number of releases and live recordings I made… Continue Reading

October 2017

Dear all, Welcome to my monthly update. The past weeks felt like sitting in a rollercoaster, driving thru many different musical flavors in 5 mins. Something like that… First of all, it was marvelous to join Peter Maffay and his world class band to be their musical guest on the soon to be released MTV-unplugged… Continue Reading


Dear visitor, This month’s update will be mainly about my recent collaborations with some highly respected Dutch artists, and they are all about to release their album at the same time. First of all, my dear friend Candy Dulfer will (finally!) release her new album “Together” on April 18! We had so much fun during… Continue Reading

Special Request Horns 15 years!

Dear visitor, Welcome to my should-be monthly update! Probably a bit disappointing news for the most hardcore jazz fans here, but the first 3 months of 2017 it’s manly big arena shows with the Special Request Horns. The good news is that I really enjoy these concerts, ( a totally different playing experience with some… Continue Reading